Nuova Simonelli Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed

Nuova Simonelli Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed.

Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed office coffee machine
Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed automatic office coffee machine
Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed business coffee machine
Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed automatic business machine

Koffeeone is our current coffee machine supplier , we have been working with Koffeeone for several years partnering together to provide our staff sensational espresso coffee.

Koffeeone supply all our coffee equipment to our site.

It is so comforting to know you have a partner as professional as Koffeeone to supply your coffee requirements.

Rick Howell


Gadens have sourced their espresso coffee machine solutions and coffee from Koffeeone for several years. As a result our machines run like clockwork. So our coffee is sensational and it’s a real delight to work with Koffeone

Hugh Kimlin

Client Service Manager, Gadens Lawyers

Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed commercial coffee machines

Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed commercial automatic coffee machines

Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed Plumbed espresso machines

Special Features of Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed Version

Right now Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed display is the new super programmed espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli. As a matter of first importance it  offers to the market segment a brilliant product.  Hence is greatly easy to utilize. What’s more, exceptionally reduced. Prontobar is accessible with guide association with water mains water. Besides it might accompany a compact tank..

Reasonable for. Coffee shops. Eateries and requesting experts. Likewise Locations with top notch execution.

Compact. All the qualities of an expert coffee machine. While just 33 centimeters wide. Immediately Commercial Coffee Machine Portable form is flexible. Joins a wide drink choice.

New group. Pronto has another conveyance espresso gathering. Most significant it has refreshed mechanics. However as dependably in metal and with electronic temperature pay. Along these lines giving brilliant extraction numerous times of utilization. In addition the new gathering helps speedier drink readiness. Accordingly diminishing the holding up time.

Noiseless Grinder. The Nuova Simonelli engineers gave careful consideration to the processor. In order to decrease commotion while safeguarding execution. Thus the outcome is a significantly more agreeable and noiseless machine.

Reliable results.  likewise the new gathering. Joined with new inner parts. Guarantees Pronto creates especially steady. Top notch espresso and cappuccino. The twofold squeezing framework can give distinctive kinds of espresso from a similar espresso beans. In the event that required.

Simple to Maintain. In conclusion all the inner segments. Boliers. Solenoid valves and the gathering. Have been outlined as measured which guarantees less demanding and quicker upkeep.

 Special Features of The Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Portable model

Technical Data Features
Grinders. 1 Grinder. Thermal Heating Group. Pump with bypass.
Width. 330 mm.   Preinfusion. Hot Water and Steam Wand.
Depth. 520 mm.   Encoder. Height Adjustable Spout.
Height. 600mm.   Grinder Capacity 0.8 Kg. Removable Frother.
Power (Watt). 2000.   Milk Temperature Regulator. Foam Regulator.
Weight. 35 KG.   Decaffeinated option. 4-line Multicolor LCD.
Voltage. 230-240 V.   2 Stainless Steel Boilers. Connect To Mains Water

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A Sensational Machine.  Koffeeone can not sing the praises enough of the Nuova Simonelli Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Portable model.

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