The expert team at Koffeeone provide some inside knowledge on what to look for, for the right workplace coffee machine

Many schools have begun to see the benefits of providing excellent coffee, and we have seen a big spike in coffee machine enquiries coming from schools, as not only teachers but parents are beginning to demand better coffee for working days or school events.

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Brewing Unit

The brewing unit other than your grinder is possibly of the most important component in an automatic coffee machine.

Imagine the engine of your car been made of plastic. The same is for the Brewing unit of a Super Automatic Coffee Machine. The brewing units in our automatic coffee machines is made of metal.

The market is saturated with so many automatic coffee machines made of plastic parts so much so that the brewing unit is also made of plastic.

Plastic Brewing unit wears out and breaks down very easily. This means the machine will be out of service most of the time, and will be very costly in a long term though they may be cheap to buy now. of your choice.


A commercial coffee machine and the traditional espresso coffee machine is always supported with a Commercial coffee Grinder.

An automatic coffee machine is no exception to this rule and should always have a commercial quality coffee grinder as a standard grinding component of the machine.

The best coffee machines always have a standard 64 mm flat blade or conical grinder a standard operating feature


A commercial coffee machine requires a great water pump to support the machine and ensure a stable extraction pressure is achieved, all our carimali automatic coffee machine have commercial grade rotary pumps, it is very important to take note of the style of pump on board, some brands use small vibrating pumps which will effect the quality of your espresso extraction, All the best coffee machines have rotary pumps.

Cleaning your workplace coffee machine

Cleaning a Super Automatic Coffee Machine should be as easy as it is to make a fantastic coffee automatically. Koffeeone automatic coffee machines are very simple to maintain.

The best workplace coffee machines only requires the user to fill up a jug of water and add cleaning solution to it to clean the milk hoses , push a button and the machine does the rest. And to clean your brewer on our automatic coffee machines the user simply presses a button, adds a cleaning tablet and the job is done.

If you have to remove components to clean the machine, you may lose it or break the part and parts tender wear more excessively as a result of the in-and-out movements. The best coffee machines on the market do not require the user to remove parts for cleaning as a safe guard when someone else other than the regular person has to clean the machine but does not know or remember how to put it back together

Milk Delivery

The milk delivery in an integral part and process of an automatic coffee machine. There are 2 processes in which an automatic coffee machine may deliver frothed milk.

  • Venturi: – Milk delivery via a venturi system is the most commonly used by the majority of the automatic coffee machines on the market. This system uses Air and Steam power to suck and froth the milk. The positive side of this system is, it does not have any expensive parts.
  • Milk Pump: – Milk delivery via a pump is used by some brands of the more expensive models. This is simply because the pump delivers more consistent frothed milk and does not require adjustments. However may be more difficult to keep clean and can be troublesome if cleaning is not attended to accuratelty. The milk pump has it’s parameters programmed into the machine. Each milk based drink can have its own settings according to the drink type. Koffeeone generally use machines with Venturi style milk foaming systems as it delivers les challenges to the operator

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